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Other issues, such as muscle pain or joint pain from workouts or repetitive use, are common in Yolo County and Deschutes County.  We have many tri-athletes, bike racers, swimmers and rowers who work out strenuously on a daily basis. Ranchers and farmers put in long hours of hard work year after year, and often have  injuries from equipment which affects their backs, muscles and joints. Veterans have carried heavy loads, and often have a combination of pain issues and functional problems.

A different set of Chinese herbs are very effective with these problems.

Acupuncture and massage also help to open the joints and muscle tissue, increase blood flow, decrease pain, reduce inflammation and improve mobility.  Breath exercises and specific meditations shift the mind to a more tranquil place, allowing relaxation and healing to occur.


Chinese Medicine - Herbs, Acupuncture,  Chi Gong, Meditation

Comprehensive & thorough workup of your problems

Are you having problems with stress, pain, headaches, anxiety or digestion? These are common symptoms that can be helped with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. 

These are also especially common problems in Davis, where we have many students, professors, and intellectuals.  Chinese Medicine predicts that those who use their minds a great deal are likely to have certain groups of problems - so I see these patterns over and over.  The “Scholar Patterns” are fun to work with, mainly because they are so amenable to treatment with acupuncture and herbs.

Chinese Medicine is especially effective with functional problems - those physical issues that do not show up on X Rays, but cause pain and difficulty in daily life.

The Healing Arts has been open in Davis since 1992; offering Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs since 2002.  In 2011, seized with the desire to live in the mountains, Alzada Magdalena moved to Bend, Oregon.  She now has an office in Bend and in Redmond, Oregon. She returns on a monthly basis to serve her Davis clients.  If you want to be on her mailing list and newsletter, please call 530-219-9337 or email her at HealingArtsNorth@gmail.com.

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